3 Phase Power by Two Wattmeters Method Calculator

Electric power is a fundamental concept in electrical engineering. In three-phase power systems, it is essential to accurately measure and calculate power for various applications. One method commonly used for power measurement is the "Three Phase Power by Two Wattmeters Method." This tutorial will provide an in-depth explanation of this method, including its formula and real-life applications.

3 Phase Power by Two Wattmeters Method Calculator
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Learn about the 3 Phase Power by Two Wattmeters Method Calculator, its formula, and real-life applications.

The Formula

The formula for calculating three-phase power using the Two Wattmeters Method is as follows:

Power (P) = W1 + W2


  • P is the total power
  • W1 is the reading of the first wattmeter
  • W2 is the reading of the second wattmeter

Example: Real-Life Application

Let's consider a practical scenario where the Two Wattmeters Method is used to measure power in an industrial setting. Suppose there is a three-phase industrial motor that consumes electrical power. To ensure efficient operation and monitor energy usage, it is crucial to accurately measure the power consumed by the motor.

In this case, two wattmeters are connected to measure the power. Wattmeter 1 (W1) is connected between phase A and neutral, and wattmeter 2 (W2) is connected between phase B and C. Both wattmeters are configured to measure the power flowing through their respective connections.

After a certain time interval, the readings of the two wattmeters are noted. Let's assume that W1 reads 5 kW and W2 reads 3 kW. Using the Two Wattmeters Method formula, we can calculate the total power consumption:

P = W1 + W2 = 5 kW + 3 kW = 8 kW

Therefore, the total power consumed by the industrial motor is 8 kW.


The Two Wattmeters Method provides a practical and accurate way to measure three-phase power. By utilizing two wattmeters connected to different phases, this method allows for the calculation of total power consumption. Understanding and applying this method is essential in various industries where precise power measurement is crucial for efficient operation and energy monitoring.

By following the formula and utilizing two wattmeters, engineers can ensure accurate power measurement in three-phase systems, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding energy usage, load balancing, and system efficiency.